Love from Above

Once the calendar turns to February, it appears all attention is on Valentine’s Day. Love is now in the air; as if we should focus on love only one day or one month out of the entire year. God wants to share with you, a love, which cannot be sold, it is FREE, yet it […]

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  I receive emails just about every week from teenage girls who are engaging in ‘cutting’. Many who are reaching out because they so desperately want to stop; yet, still feel compelled to harm themselves. Afterward, they struggle with feelings of shame and guilt. If this is you, or if you know someone who is […]

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Are You Undervaluing Yourself and Derailing Your Potential?

“Decide to be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” My hope would be that every girl reading this blog today would embrace this truth! You have far more potential than you may realize. Sadly, most teenage girls are derailing their potential rather than developing it. Will you […]

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