Love from Above

Once the calendar turns to February, it appears all attention is on Valentine’s Day. Love is now in the air; as if we should focus on love only one day or one month out of the entire year. God wants to share with you, a love, which cannot be sold, it is FREE, yet it […]

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Message In The Manger

Christmas time is here; there are decorations everywhere. Christmas trees and bright lights. Shoppers and gifts as well as late nights. Pies to bake and cookies to decorate. It’s so easy to be distracted each day and miss what the message in the manger has to say. There is a message of hope and love […]

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Thinking of giving up? Quitting is not an option!

Pressure, is all around us. Wars, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, accidents, job loss, divorce, abortion,…the list could go on and on. Teenage girls today are feeling the pressures of the world around them, and far too many are making bad choices to try and cope with the pressures they are feeling. Many young ladies are turning […]

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