Teenage Girls Talk About Popularity (or, “being popular”)

Popularity! How important is it for teenage girls to be popular? To what extent are you willing to go to become part of the “in-group”? Are you willing to compromise your values just to say you are friends with a certain crowd? Why is this worth discussing you may think, but of course everyone wants […]

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Have you ever felt depressed? Many teenage girls have at some point expressed that they have felt depressed. By depressed I mean, great sadness, feeling like no one cares about them, feeling as if they are not important. Well, I have good news for you today! You do not have to be depressed anymore! You […]

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Are You Happy Being You?

Most teenage girls that I talk with are unhappy with who they are. They identify their happiness by how they look, how many friends they have, whether or not they have a boyfriend how well they are doing in school or if they qualify for the cheerleading squad. There are so many reasons to decide […]

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