From Paris To Eternity

Paris is a city much like the city where you live.  Only on Friday, Nov.13th  for some, it became the gateway to eternity. It started as a day just like any other. People were going about their day, people just like you. They were doing the very things people do every day. Eating with friends […]

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Are You Undervaluing Yourself and Derailing Your Potential?

“Decide to be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” My hope would be that every girl reading this blog today would embrace this truth! You have far more potential than you may realize. Sadly, most teenage girls are derailing their potential rather than developing it. Will you […]

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Tips For Overcoming Insecurity at School

School has begun; so much is new and unfamiliar. Classmates, teachers, schedules, not to mention finding your way to the right classroom, the list goes on and on! Thoughts of inadequacy are flying through your head at a rapid pace. You are trying to keep focused, but you are concerned if others will notice how […]

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New Season

  Hi girls…I’m back!   Our blog has a new look… Be sure to write in and tell me how you like it. You know I love to hear from all of you! I have missed sharing with you and connecting with you.  God has been speaking to my heart and giving me clear direction in […]

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Teenage girls: Total makeover

I have often heard from teenage girls that they wish they could just get a total…”MAKEOVER!” I have good news for you! God is the author of “makeovers.” When you truly give your life to Jesus, he will change your life permanently from the inside out! God will make changes in you that will last for a lifetime and others will notice these changes on the “outside” as well.

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