Photo By: Sergei Zolkin

Photo By: Sergei Zolkin

Have you ever been hurt and felt as though you just wanted to get revenge on the person who hurt you? You know… that  friend who has said something hurtful about you; the boy at school or in your youth group that you like, but he doesn’t pay any attention to you. How about your sibling who is constantly trying to get you in trouble at home?  Have you thought to yourself… if only I could make them hurt as much as they have hurt me? Continue reading Revenge »

Tips For Overcoming Insecurity at School


School has begun; so much is new and unfamiliar. Classmates, teachers, schedules, not to mention finding your way to the right classroom, the list goes on and on!

Thoughts of inadequacy are flying through your head at a rapid pace. You are trying to keep focused, but you are concerned if others will notice how SCARED you are! Continue reading Tips For Overcoming Insecurity at School »

New Season



Hi girls...I’m back!   Our blog has a new look… Be sure to write in and tell me how you like it. You know I love to hear from all of you!

I have missed sharing with you and connecting with you.  God has been speaking to my heart and giving me clear direction in which to inspire and encourage you.  I believe you will also be challenged to grow in your relationship with God through the upcoming articles…so stay tuned in and tell your friends to sign up to join our community. Continue reading New Season »


sundown-1438381-mIt has been some time since I have posted a blog… I have missed chatting with all of you girls.  I look forward to writing and sharing with you once again.  God’s word is full of wonderful things for us to learn; and through sharing together, we all help one another grow in our walk with God. Continue reading Seek »


Are you feeling disappointed? Has someone close to you let you down? Have friends turned their backs on you? Do Christians you know seem to be hypocrites ? You are not alone!

Do you know that Jesus experienced the same types of disappointments? Those, whom Jesus trusted the most and cared deeply for, disappointed Him. Continue reading Disappointment »