Photo By: Sergei Zolkin

Photo By: Sergei Zolkin

Have you ever been hurt and felt as though you just wanted to get revenge on the person who hurt you? You know… that  friend who has said something hurtful about you; the boy at school or in your youth group that you like, but he doesn’t pay any attention to you. How about your sibling who is constantly trying to get you in trouble at home?  Have you thought to yourself… if only I could make them hurt as much as they have hurt me?

Does this sound familiar? There are others who struggle with this as well, God wants to flush out the revenge and fill your heart with His love.

I have a question for you… Would you actually feel better if you hurt someone else? Chances are, if you acted out on your thoughts of revenge, you would feel bad afterwards.

I know you can relate, some of you are shaking your heads  even now as you are reading. You can remember a time when you lashed out at someone who hurt you, and even though at that moment it may have seemed like a good idea; the guilt you felt afterwards was horrible.

God instructs us in His word to bless those who hurt us. Luke 6:28  “Bless those who curse you and pray for those who mistreat you.”

God wants you to forgive and not seek revenge, so you may live in peace and joy. Revenge will steal your joy every time.

When you decide to forgive and not seek revenge, you are allowing God an opportunity to work on your behalf! God knows what is best for you, He knows how to defend you, and His ways are always best. Often times when we are hurt, we do and say things out of our pain, without thinking clearly of the consequences.

This week I had the opportunity to pray with a girl who shared how she was hurt because God was not answering her prayer the way she wanted Him to. Because she felt hurt by God, she made a decision to get revenge; she wanted to hurt God because she felt he was hurting her. Her plan was to withhold her praises. She knew how much God loves to hear the praises of His people, so she decided she could hurt God by not praising Him.

I was able to share and explain to her, she was not hurting God but she was hurting herself, she was separating herself from the one who loved her unconditionally. How about you? Have you ever wanted revenge on God?

Be encouraged that God loves you and He wants to comfort you when you are hurting and in pain.

If this is you today, and you have revenge towards others or even towards God in your heart; open your heart to God today, release the hurt and pain and allow God’s peace and love to comfort you. Others will hurt you and disappoint you; revenge will never be the remedy for curing your pain. God is the remedy!

God is willing to meet you where you are; He loves you and wants you to bring your hurts to him. He is waiting for you to ask Him to help you.

Share your thoughts below, I love to hear from you, others need to hear about your experiences. When you share, you help others to realize they are not alone. May God bless you as you trust your hurts to Him.

~Pastor Lucy Ann~

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