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Hi girls...I’m back!   Our blog has a new look… Be sure to write in and tell me how you like it. You know I love to hear from all of you!

I have missed sharing with you and connecting with you.  God has been speaking to my heart and giving me clear direction in which to inspire and encourage you.  I believe you will also be challenged to grow in your relationship with God through the upcoming articles…so stay tuned in and tell your friends to sign up to join our community. Forward the link below to them. We were designed to walk this journey of life with others, not alone. If you are feeling lonely, stay plugged in here, I want to get to know you and you can get to know the other amazing young ladies that are part of our Girl Talk Community. Follow the link below to sign up for our article notifications. Click here:

Are you ready for a new season of Girl Talk?  A season in which God is going to speak to your hearts in a fresh way. A season where you will be challenged, encouraged and supported by a loving community. We will continue to talk about topics that are relevant to your life while building a community of friends that we can be real with. We all grow as we discuss our thoughts and experiences with each other, so feel free to leave your comments.

Are you feeling as though your life is not a reflection of your faith? Often this is the case with young ladies, as life seems to pull you in many different directions throughout your teenage years.  Ask yourself this question…If I were truly thinking about my relationship with God, would I _________? Fill in the blank with something you are currently involved in or thinking about getting involved in, or an attitude you are stuggling with.  As I will be challenging you to press into your relationship with God in this new season…let’s start off by being real with your struggles. Share in the comment section below,  how you would answer the question above, what you would fill in the blank with (sex/drugs/jealousy/anger/fear…  etc).  We can discuss these things and together, we can get a clearer understanding of God’s perspective.

Have an awesome day, and remember God loves you and you are special. Don’t forget,  you can leave a prayer request for us as well at:  Your prayer request will be read and prayed over. If you desire a response, leave your email address and we will send a reply to you directly.

You can also connect with me on Instagram at :

You are valuable and you are loved

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all yours ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

~Pastor Lucy Ann~

2 comments to New Season

  • Cassie

    Proverbs 3:5-6 is my youth groups verse. It is what represents us. Also the fill in the blank thing, what if I don’t know.

  • Lucy Ann

    Keep trusting in The Lord He will continue to lead and guide you. Concerning the question…no worries if you do not know how you would fill in the blank. The important thing is that you keep God in the center of your decision making, God wants to be a part of every area of your life.

    You are special and God loves you.

    Pastor Lucy Ann

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