Girl Feeling Like an OutcastAre you ‘seeking’ the approval (favorable opinion) of those around you? Do you find yourself consumed thinking about …what others are “thinking about you”? Do you find yourself doing or saying things ‘just to fit in’?  If this sounds like ‘you’….… you are not alone!

Many people, especially teenagers are longing for the approval of others. They are seeking approval of parents, friends, teachers, pastors, coaches; the list goes on and on.  It is this constant ‘seeking’ of approval that drives most teens to believe they can never earn the approval of others; no matter how  hard they try. WHY is this so, you may be asking?   Great question! The answer can be found in what lies under the need for approval. Often time’s teens rely on the opinions of others to make them happy or to feel good about themselves, or simply to feel ‘loved’.  If you would honestly say…”Yes, this is me”… I have good news to share with you today! Your inner need to feel happy, to be loved and appreciated, or recognized, will never be met in looking to other people. How can that be good news you might ask?God wants you to ‘seek’ after His approval. Love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength. (Luke 10:27)  And guess what? God already loves you, He desires a relationship with you, and He already knows you are wonderful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalms 139:14).  People, no matter how wonderful they are will always fall short of loving you the way you want to be loved! God will never fall short of loving you. When you seek after God, you will be fulfilled in the innermost parts of yourself. You will feel loved, and appreciated. God’s love is unconditional and it is available to you today. God is Love. (1John4:8)

Just open your heart to God, tell Him how lonely, hurt, disappointed, or unhappy, you may be, and allow Him to come into your heart and fill all those areas that seem empty right now. When you ‘seek’ after God first, and accept His unconditional love for you. The approval of others will no longer be your focus. You do not have to be perfect to have God’s approval, He loves you just as you are, and He has a plan and purpose for your life, (Matt 6:33).

Does this mean you will never desire the approval of others? No, it is natural to desire that, however, what will happen is that you will not allow the opinions of others to determine how you feel about yourself! When you begin to concern yourself with God’s opinion about you, rather than the opinions of others, you will truly find the contentment you are ‘seeking’ after.

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  • Heidi

    It’s hard to always be certain that God loves me. I try to remind myself, but when I’ve lost as many loved ones as I have, in such a short amount of time, I am often just wondering why, and not thinking about how much God loves me. It makes me feel very unloved. Sometimes I just want to be in an accident and go to heaven, sometimes, and then other times I just wish I had some friends on earth to hold me over….

  • Brooke

    This is a great reminder of what my focus should be on. Other people laugh at me because I’m different, but I laugh because they’re all the same. It doesn’t matter what people say about me, as long as Jesus loves me I’m happy 🙂

  • caley

    what gave you the inspration to write this article

  • What about FAILURES?

  • Lucy Ann

    Hi Caley…I always pray and ask God what he would have me write about. My involvement with teens overall gives me inspiration to write articles that are relevant to what they are going through in their lives.

  • Lucy Ann

    Hi Brooke…God has created us all as individuals. I encourage you to continue to keep your focus on what God says abut you!

  • Lucy Ann

    Hi Heidi, sorry to hear that you have lost loved ones. That is difficult for anyone. May God comfort you. You can be sure that God loves you. If you read the bible you will see that it is a love story from God to you.I pray that God will send good friends your way that will encourage you in your walk with Him. In the mean time, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, and remember…you are loved and valuable.

  • Lucy Ann

    Hi Cielo… Failures are a part of life. Failing at something does not define who we are. There is something to be learned in times of failure. Failure can make you stronger or it can defeat you… The decision on how failure is perceived lies within each of us! How do you view failure?

  • Heidi

    @ Brooke

    I don’t care what people think very much, but I’m not as sure of myself as you are, Brooke. How did you get to be so self confident?

  • Tink

    I always look to my friends to do things. When I was in 7th grade I had a very bad experience and from then on I’ve always pushed God away and looked more towards what my friends do. My parents take me to church but for the past three years I’ve became a totally different person and no matter how many times I read, pray, or go to church I never feel close to God. Also instead of becoming a better Christian I just keep going further and further down a bad road.

  • Lucy Ann

    Thanks for sharing from your heart. Be encouraged that God is near. His word promises that He will never leave you or forsake you. If you reach out to Him…He will respond in your heart! Talk to God, just like you shared with us…Tell Him about your struggles, ask Him to help you draw close to himself. If there is any known sin in your life, be quick to repent and ask God to strengthen you in those areas. God loves you and He is waiting for you to come back to a strong relationship with Him. God is real, His promises are forever! You are precious in His sight. If your friends are not leading you closer to God, I encourage you to find friends who will encourage your walk with God! Keep checking back for more encouragement. You are loved and you are being prayed for!

  • Hassana Umoru Maina

    I really want to be so full of Christ,I want to learn to seek Him.

  • Kourtney

    I suffer from the constant worry of what people will think of me. Often times I find myself having to live up to high standards and the thought of failing makes me timid and scared. Every day at school I’m too afraid to speak in front of the class or speak to my peers because my face gets red because I’m embarrassed of myself. I’m not the smartest, I’m not the kindest, I’m not the prettiest, I’m not the most stable, I’m not the most outspoken, and I know that what I think of myself is what others think of me. How can I ever learn to love myself? I want to have a voice. I want to build relationships with others. I want to go to bed with a smile on my face of my day’s accomplishments. I want to end all cowardice I may have and take on bigger and brighter things. I’m tired of being the girl who’s too afraid to show who she is because she knows she’s not as talented as the others.

  • Lucy Ann

    Kourtney, thank you so much for you honest reply, it took much courage for you to share that with us! I pray you are blessed as you stepped out in faith. Let me remind you, there is an enemy, the devil and his only desire is to kill, steal and destroy God’s people. He is a liar. Do not believe the lies he has been telling you about yourself. God’s word says you are more than a conqueror through Christ who gives you strength. All things are possible with God. Fear is not from God, God sent Jesus that you may live in peace and joy. You are enough, you do not have to compare yourself to anyone else, God has created you special, for He has a specific plan and purpose for your life. I pray you may know, how valuable and special you are! There is no one else like you, that makes you SPECIAL. I pray you begin to see yourself through the eyes of our loving God. I pray no weapon formed against you shall prosper and you shall fulfill all God’s plans for your life as you continue to trust in Him. The bible says to resist the devil and he will flee. Resist those negative thoughts and replace them with the truth of God’s word. You can accomplish anything you set your heart upon, for God is for you who can be against you. May you be a light in the darkness, that others may see God working in and through your life. You are called to be a mighty women of God, strong and courageous. Do not fear for God is with you HE WILL UPHOLD you with His mighty right hand. Isaiah 41:10 Be blessed, and keep checking back for more encouraging posts. Look at all the good you do possess and allow God to fill the gap of those areas which you may be weak. For God says where you are weak He is strong. AMEN! You are loved and you are being prayed for…Pastor Lucy Ann

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