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Often I hear teenage girls say, “ I don’t like myself.  This always surprises me, because when I converse with teens all over the world, I see beautiful young ladies with amazing talents and so much potential!  When I ask, “ why is it you do not like yourself ”, most often the response I hear is based on the way they look, or how popular they are, or if they have a boyfriend, or what they think ‘others’ say about them.

If you find yourself thinking these same things, my advice to you today is… STOP!!! STOP …comparing yourself to others, especially to models who have had their pictures professionally edited, or actresses who have others picking out their wardrobes, and spending hours doing their makeup and hair.  STOP…desiring to be part of the ‘popular crowd’!  If you have to be anyone other than ‘yourself’ to fit in, you are looking to ‘fit in’ with the wrong people. STOP… striving to get the approval of a ‘boy’, who at your age, has no idea how to treat you properly, and will cause you heartache.  STOP…worrying about the opinions of others!STOP… and take time to appreciate how uniquely, and wonderfully, God made you!  STOP… trying to seek other’s approval and strive to seek God’s approval.God’s thoughts towards you are of love! What are your thoughts towards yourself?  You cannot receive God’s love or give love if you do not love yourself first.

I challenge you… for the next 28 days; look into the mirror and say, “I love myself”!  Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Develop a habit of ‘loving yourself’!  When you love yourself, the world around you appears brighter! It is your life! Do not give anyone else the power to steal your joy!  Decide today to be in agreement with God  ~  God loves you!!!


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  • Mikaela

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for these encouraging words. I think God had the perfect timing for this devotion. I always struggle with how my friends view me, and just last night I had really been “not liking myself.” But then I listened to some music to encourage me and read the Bible, and I felt a lot better. This devotion just hits home again the truth that I don’t need to “prove” myself to anyone; I can be myself, and God loves me for who I am. Thank you so much for writing encouraging words to girls so that they can shine for Jesus and still feel confident and proud of who they are – because they are children of God, and God loves them no matter what.

  • Orina

    I agree with Lucy. Comparing yourself with others deprives you gratitude towards God and worse still cultivates a marred self image. Till you see yourself the way God sees you, your attitude towards self, others and life in general will remain troublesome. Consequently, your manner of life will cause folks to have no option but look down on you. Positive self image is a result of appreciating what the bible says about you – the prevailing situation notwithstanding. I purpose to praise God, for “am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14), fully aware that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13). That dispute of all my shortcomings, His grace is sufficient.

  • kaylee ann

    u want me 2 look n the mirror n say i love myself? when i look n the mirror i don’t think i’m pretty but i don’t think i’m ugly but i stayed home from school 2day cause some girl spit gum n my hair n everyone laughed at me! if i’m gonna b hated bcause i love Jesus then why doesn’t He help me? i don’t care if i’m part of the popular crowd… well… yea i don’t care but even the girls nobody likes doesn’t like me!!! so if God loves me n i do blieve He does why doesn’t He help me?

  • Lina

    I relate to this, I always try to keep in mind that everyone is different not everyone will go through the same path or live the same life. We all have insecurities and struggles. I’ve personally struggled with this because all throughout my life I’ve had people(including my own family) tell me that I’m too light skin, too thick, too thin, that I have too many freckles or that I look awful with long hair and short hair doesn’t fit me. Growing up hearing all these things especially when it comes from your family, it brought me to depression and ….I’m actually breaking into tears writing this right now. Whenever I would look in the mirror, I would just think “I’m not good enough, I’m never good enough” that I wish I didn’t have this or that…. if only I can please everyone. What you said Lucy, “STOP… trying to seek other’s approval and strive to seek God’s approval.” that touches my heart, I really pray that God heals me from all the hurt and that he helps me to just rely on Him and seek only His approval. I will take your challenge and only hope that I become the confident lady that God has created me to be. I will pray for anyone else reading this and struggling, blessings xo

  • Lucy Ann

    Lina, so good to hear from you! I pray in agreement with you that as you take steps towards loving yourself, your confidence in who God created you to be
    will grow strong! I pray peace over your mind. I stand against the enemy who has been attacking you self esteem, and I pray that God will minister His love to you in special ways. You are special and you are loved. Keep believing what God says about you! P.S. sometimes those closest to us hurt us the most, I suggest you go to God with you hurt and pain and let Him heal your heart. Forgiving those that have hurt you will help in your healing process. Thanks for praying for others!!! God bless! Lucy Ann

  • Lucy Ann

    Kaylee ann, You are beautiful because God created you that way! God is always nearby, and He is always helping us, we often do not sense that He is
    near or even that He is helping us. Often God is working in ways that we may not recognize. I pray that you will be sensitive to God working in your
    life. He is working when He sent this article across your path…to let you know you are not alone! I am sorry to hear what happened to you at school, that
    was wrong, but it is not your fault! try to remember…”hurting people, hurt people” the girl that did this to you is surely hurting in someway or she would
    not have to hurt others to feel good about herself! I encourage you to keep loving Jesus, keep trusting in God, and be aware that God will never leave
    you or forsake you. Just because God allows us to go through trials does not mean He is not helping us…He is shaping us into the image of Jesus! Keep your
    eyes on Jesus…and YES…look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”…until you believe it in your heart! You are loved and you are being prayed for!Lucy Ann

  • Heidi

    Thank you so much Lucy Ann for this article. So many girls have issues with this. I just need to remember that God made me the way I am and loves me. But it’s so hard I really think down on my self a lot, and I know I shouldn’t, but I just kind of feel like I can’t help if I think I’m fat or ugly or gross or klutzy or whatever. I just don’t see myself as pretty or even nice looking. And I end up putting others down in my head because I don’t feel good about myself.

  • Lucy Ann

    Yes, so many girls do struggle with this,the lies of the enemy have crept into the hearts and minds of young ladies telling them they are unworthy. The truth of God’s words says you are’valuable and special’! To begin to see yourself as beautiful as God see’s you is the beginning of dispelling the lies of the enemy! Be encouraged your self imagine will change once you start believing the truth of God’s word and not the lies of the enemy. Take the challenge and begin to ‘love’ yourself! The truth of God’s word will set you free from the lies of this world which try to define who you are! Trust God…!Blessings Lucy Ann

  • N

    I’ve struggled with self harm and a near suicide attempt. God saved me from all that but I still try to be perfect, try to please my mom but never can, and I think that I always have to be good for God to love me. Does he still love me and listen to me even when I’m running from Him?

  • Lucy Ann

    God’s love for you is unconditional. God desires that you choose to be close to Him and He is always waiting for you to draw near to Him. You do not need to be perfect, come to God as you are, He loves you as much today as He ever did and ever will. You are His child and you can never do anything to stop Him from loving you. Talk to God, tell Him you are sorry for running and ask Him to strengthen you. He is near, just call on Him! I will be praying for you! Stop trying on your own, and trust God to help you. May you find peace in knowing God loves you! Lucy Ann

  • kaylee

    thank you lucy ann!!! i’m already memorizing ”hurting people, hurt people” because i think that is so true!!! and i would just like to pray for every girl here who is having trouble w/this issue of self… i know it’s so hard but Jesus is Lord n He loves us so…

  • Reagan

    Thank you. I compare myself to others way to often. I have a tendency to worry and feel inadiquate and anxious. It has resulted in disordered eating and many OCD issues. I know this not the way God wants me to live. He wants me to be happy with myself and embrace all the unique qualities of me. He wants us ALL to do this. I know it’ll be ok.

  • Lisa

    thnak you all for your honesty, i have a youth group of 6th and 7th grade girls your comments will help me understand where theyre coming from and to be able to share your comments will help them to know they are not alone and alot of young ladies are dealing with the same issuses.:)

  • Lucy Ann

    Lisa, thanks for sharing. I will continue to pray for you and your youth group. I am blessed to hear that you are finding help through this blog site. Feel free to write in with ‘topics’ that you might like to hear discussed…
    Blessings, Lucy Ann

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