Thinking of giving up? Quitting is not an option!

Don't QuitPressure, is all around us. Wars, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, accidents, job loss, divorce, abortion,…the list could go on and on. Teenage girls today are feeling the pressures of the world around them, and far too many are making bad choices to try and cope with the pressures they are feeling. Many young ladies are turning to drugs, alcohol, cutting, eating disorders, bad relationships, sex; anything that will just …“take the pain away”.

What is wrong with this line of thinking? It is merely a disguise to make you think they can take the pain away, and after they have your attention, they destroy you. Where might someone find hope in such a desperate world? I know for many of you, you already know the answer…GOD! But yet, many of you are turning your backs on the truth you know, taking what you think is an easy way out of a problem and consequently causing more problems for yourself and those around you, who love you very much.

God says in his word, that he will never leave you or forsake you, he knows the plans he has for you, and he knew you from when you were being formed in your mother’s womb. Yet, at times we forget that God is even here, we search for help instead of searching for the ‘helper’. God is real, and able to lead, guide and direct you. Hope is found in his everlasting promises. God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He cannot lie, and he will not forsake you.

God says in his word, do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. That sounds like someone I want nearby me when I am hurting and confused. He also says; for I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand, and says to you, do not fear, I will help you.

You have God on your side! God can do what drugs, alcohol, sex, and cutting can NOT do for you. God loves you. God promises you that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like Eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Your hope for the desperate situation you may find yourself in…is found in a relationship with GOD. Like all relationships, it is a two way street. I challenge you today, to talk with God, invite him into your life, ask him to carry your troubles for you and teach you how to be an over comer, not someone who gives in under life’s pressures. You were created to be a winner, and winners never quit! So I challenge, you …get up…and keep fighting. Do it God’s way, not the world’s way. The world’s way does not work, but God’s way never fails. Trust in him; put your hope in him. Surround yourself with the love of God and the desire to hurt yourself, will go away, and you will begin to soar on the promises God has for a wonderful life for you. Be brave, take this challenge and reach for all you can be, rise above the circumstances that pressure you, and see that you are more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens you. You are loved and you are valuable. Don’t ever Quit!

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  • Martha

    Hi! I have been feeling a little down and out and when I read this article it made me feel very empowered and that you dont quit when the going gets rough you get up and fight right back! It also really opened my eyes about our Lord, it really made me realize he loves us, and will always be there for us and that his love is all that matters! so thank you for writing this article it really moved me and made me want to build a stronger relationship with God.

  • Lucy Ann

    Thanks for sharing. Always remember that the bible says that If God is for you who can be against you. Keep your eyes on Jesus. We are praying for you.

  • Ella

    let go and let GOD….

  • Ella

    God is in control…

  • sofie

    heyy. thanks. ive been going trough some hard times with my friends i know what the right thing to do is but yet when i tell them they tell me im stupid and it brings me down alot! and sometimes i feel ugh why should i pray and all these things go trough my mind! i dont want to fall butt its likee the world is pulling me away!! again and i wanna be sronger so i can fight back! i really need someone to tell me exacly how to talk to my friends without arguing!?

  • Erin

    Thank you so much for this message. I think it will really help us girls out there including me. I also have a friend who is not a Christan and she is hanging out with the wrong friends and stuff. We have been best friends for 6 years but I don’t know how to tell her about God. I need some help in how I can share the great news to her! Thanks!

  • hi there,
    i just want to thank you for making this article possible.Its a great help,for a girl like me who have been through a lot of circumstances,
    I need complete healing and deliverance for my papillary thyroid cancer.. hard times in life is indeed unevitable but knowing there is Godlike people taught to inspire and encourage is greatly amazing… please do email me more of your article…keep touching more lives!!! thank you

  • charlene

    things have been really hard for me, especially when i look at the friends i love being hurt in their wrong relationships which they shouldnt be in…i’m a13 yr old and peer pressure is something very hard to fight.i wanna get my life right with god but i always end up in the wrong company, i jus wish my peers woould encourage me to do something right for once. thanx again for the message

  • Danielle

    Hey girls out there. Don’t let a friend, classmate, or boyfriend interfere with the way you think. Be a woman with God’s heart, someone other girls look to and say,”wow, there is something different about her”. Peer pressure is so easy to give into, I know from experience. I went from being the friend you would rely on, to the friend that was taken advantage of. I don’t trust many friends anymore and it’s a shame. you look at the icing on the cupcake(your friend’s first impression) and say wow that looks great and wholesome and then you realize the cupcake is just Styrofoam, that your friend is a phony, she isn’t real, and she doesn’t have the same interests as you. Many friends can, will be, and are currently like that. It hurts and scares me to think of how many times I’ve been lied to. But I have 1 friend who isn’t like that, and his name is Jesus, my savior. Don’t set your expectations so high that even you can’t reach the standard. But don’t set the bar so low that you don’t even bat an eyelash when you know a friend isn’t true. Pray to God that he will guide you and keep you on the right path. Yes, you will stray from it, yes you will try to carve another way, and yes!!! you will be pulled from that path but realize God will always lead you back even if you don’t believe he cares for you enough or loves you enough. He truly does! We are his princesses and he is our almighty king. He is our daddy and we are his daughters. For He loves us unconditionally. Forever and for always. Never. Ever. Forget that.
    Love and rockets <3

  • Lucy Ann


    Relationships are complicated, that is why we have to always be in close relationship with God. It is nice to have friends that are supportive and encouraging, but that does not always happen, especially at your age. Teenagers are trying to figure out so many things and peer pressure is real, but God is bigger than all of that. Allow God to encourage you with his word, spend time with God in prayer, and you can become the friend that encourages others to do the right thing. Regardless of what others are doing, you can still choose to make good choices for your life. Stay strong in Jesus. You are special and you are loved. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  • Lucy Ann


    Thank you for sharing with all of us. I stand in agreement with you that you are healed of cancer in Jesus name. May you be strengthened by God’s love and healing power. You are loved and God has special plans for your life. Stay close to Jesus.

  • Lucy Ann

    Hey girls,

    For those of you who have shared that you have friends who are not christian and are trying to share God with them, be encouraged… the best witness for God is your own life. The decisions you make about what you will do or not do, the language you choose to use, and the focus of your life tells a story to all those who know you. Remember that the Holy Spirit is the one who draws people onto himself. Pray for your friends that the eyes of their understanding will be opened,and their hearts will be softened to God. Keep being a great witness to your friends by showing them the love of God. Thanks for sharing with us, and stay plugged in for upcoming articles. You are loved.

  • jaquline.c

    very nice message god is my strenth always, and god naver live us.

  • Lucy Ann

    God will always be near you, keep your eyes on Jesus. God know you are able to do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Blessings.

  • Kennedy

    Hey Lucy Ann,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m struggling with what I think about God. I’m completely Christian and live for the Lord but am questioning what I know about him. Your posts are helping me realize my faith and devotion as a follower. I felt alone and distant from the ‘popular’ group but I stuck with my true friends, and of course Jesus.


  • Lucy Ann


    Thanks for sharing, keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep trusting and believing that God is leading and guiding your path. Blessings!!!

  • That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that
    come true.

  • Lucy Ann

    The love of God can penetrate hearts in India….we are lifting up the youth in India…Be encouraged. Praying for hearts of the youth to be set on fire for God! May God, by his spirit empower the youth to see his greatest and long for his Glory throughout the land. Blessings!

  • Dayan

    Hello, wow I really enjoyed reading this post. Lately I haven’t been well many things are going on in my teenage life…
    Im in the conflict of letting go of someone I love, yet everytime I try I back out. I know that I have to let God take control, But I just don’t know where to start.

  • Lucy Ann

    Letting Go and Letting God can be difficult for everyone. It is a process of learning to trust God, and believing he knows what is best for you. Whenever you take an action step to obey God in any area of your life, God will direct your next step. Obedience honors God, and it gives God the availability to work in your life. Letting go is all about Trust! God is trustworthy. He knows how to direct you, how to comfort you and how to light the path before you. Be encouraged that God loves you, keep moving forward with the Lord and expect God to move in great ways on your behalf. God’s word says in Isiah 43:18-19 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”.
    Blessings! LA

  • Hope

    <3 this one and it has my name in it God is really the answer 🙂 😉

  • what am i suppose too do about lettinq qoo of ayee relationship that iss controllinq but you honestly love them … im ready to let qo but it just seems like everytime i try i back down because there tryn to keep me here because they know i will never leave them & i will always be there nomatter what happens… im tryn to let qo … what should i do ?

  • Lucy Ann

    Breanna, remember the only one you have to look to please is God. Choose to move in whatever direction God is directing you. God knows what is best for you and He has a perfect plan for your life. (Jer. 29:11) Do not be in fear, trust God, let God be the one who controls your life! Blessings 🙂

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