Teenage girls: Total makeover

I have often heard from teenage girls that they wish they could just get a total…”MAKEOVER!” The idea that life would be better if you had different make up, a new hairdo, new clothes, and so on. These types of makeovers concentrate on the outward appearance, all these things are subject to change, always promising to satisfy, but never truly delivering the ultimate feeling you were looking for. I have good news for you! God is the author of “makeovers.” When you truly give your life to Jesus, he will change your life permanently from the inside out! God will make changes in you that will last for a lifetime and others will notice these changes on the “outside” as well. People will begin to notice that there is something different about you. The difference is that you are making a lasting change that counts! A change that will last, a change that is the real thing, and will not be out dated soon. As teenagers it is easy to get caught up in your outside appearance, without any regard to your character, the real you on the inside! This is who you really are; the person on the inside is the person that you live with everyday. No matter how you try to package yourself on the outside, without paying attention to the inner you, there will always be a part of you that is seeking a “makeover.” Never being satisfied. Jesus loves you; he made you complete in him. You are loved, you are blessed, and you are the child of the King! Keep your focus on these things. Ask Jesus to show you the areas in your life that will begin a makeover on the inside of you. God loves you so much, that he will show you how to develop your character to reflect his love and his goodness. Let Jesus develop your character and you will have the ultimate “MAKEOVER!” Now is the time to focus on developing your character, as it is your character that will carry you to the perfect plan God has for your life.

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts/comments regarding popularity. Please share how this article relates to your life, feel free to ask questions and let’s dialogue (or, “talk”) together around God’s principles.

39 comments to Teenage girls: Total makeover

  • Kassy

    That is so true. God looks on the inside and not the outside. As christians we should let what God is doing on the inside of us, show on the outside. Its soeasy to get caught up on the “latest fashion” or “the new hair style” that we forget Go made just how he wants us to be and when we crititize ourselves, thats insulting God’s intellegence. But God loves us just the way we are, and we need to let Jesus give us a total makeover from the inside out!!

  • Janae

    yeah, you are so right! i sometimes struggle about stuff like that.. like im not pretty enough, i need to do something about my hair, put on more makeup, stuff like that. sure people notice what you look like, but we shouldnt be trying to impress the people around us, we should put our focus on what God wants.

  • nakoshie

    Physical beauty is an asset to us when we are dealing with humans, but aren’t we supposed to be thinking of one much greater. Its nice to pass and hear someone say that you’re beautiful but if they’re only speaking about on the out side then you in big trouble. everytime i look in the mirror I am tempted to think or say out loud you’re ugly but then i just think: you are a child of the most high, thats makes you the sister of jesus christ. he is the prince of a never ending kingdom therefore you mus be the princess. So you don’t need an outward sign of beauty but inward. So you are indeed beauty ones it comes from the inside causes whats the point of being a beautiful flower that is not fragranced. Whats the point of being pretty to the eyes alone?

  • Lucy Ann

    Thank you for your comments. Nakoshie, your comment on A flower that is not fragranced….WOW….that is a wonderful discription of inner beauty, thanks for sharing. Janae, your comment on not wanting to impress others, but keeping your focus on God, is right on!! Kassy when you said that we should let what God is doing on the inside show on the outside…. awesome!! Keeping our focus on our inner beauty, in today’s world is most deffinetly a difficult task, however God is there to help us and if we allow him too, the make over that he wants to do in our lives will just be off the charts…. blessings! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  • Sydney (:

    “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. -1 peter 3:3-4”

    this verse means so much to me. i really wish every girl would read this, i mean actually read this and realize how beautiful everyone can be. who judges who is “pretty” i don’t think anyones judgement is important beside that of the Lord. The Almighty. our Father and our friend. the outside appearence has no worth at all if you ask me.
    “beauty is where one finds it.”

    (: thanks. hope this means somthing

  • Becky

    I go to a private Christian school, and despite this fact, someone is always talking about how they need to have a total makeover. Several of my friends struggle with their self-esteem because of comments others have made. Just last year, I thought I needed a total makeover. In the past few months, I have become so secure in the love of God that I have confidence. I struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem, and now! What a difference God has made in my life!

  • Kristina

    my feeling is guys should be looking on your inside, not your outside.
    the other day i had tried on a skirt and it had a slit that went other the knee and i was/am very uncomfertable in this skirt and i told my mommy i didnt like it and she said but you look sexy in it and i said even if i was older (im 14) i still wouldnt want to look sexy. and she said why not and i said because the guy im looking for should be looking at my heart, not my body. if he IS looking at my body and doesnt care about my heart or is more insterested in my body, then hes not the right guy for me. she said wow, ive never thought of it that way.
    being pretty is a challenge… God gives it to us if He thinks we can live a pure life and resist temptation. He gives us that because He knows we can resist everything… if we choose not to, then He just forgives us. we need to stand strong in everything we do including temptation because for young teenage girls, its strong right now, very strong. and we all wanna fit into the crowd or have boyfriends… we need to make sure we arnt falling into the pattern of this world (Romans 12:2) and sinking into sin. make sure your guy is looking at your heart, not your body. thats part of the *makeover* we all need to go through.
    be modest.

  • Lucy Ann

    Thanks for sharing your love for Jesus with us all. I am encouraged to hear you all speak about your focus on the things of God. The things of this world pass by so quickly, the things that matter the most, the things that have eternity attached to them are in the inside of you all…. Keep creating your make over from the inside out… blessings 🙂

  • Bumblebee

    No matter how much you get made over, your appearance will never make you happy. That’s just the way it is. I promise you, no matter how many pounds you lose, how many pairs of designer jeans you have, how many brands of shampoo you’ve tried, you’ll never be happy without the Lord.
    I promise. I’ve been there, done that—and ended up severely underweight and broke without any purpose or meaning to my life. I’m doing tons better now. 🙂

  • Lucy Ann


    Thanks for sharing your testimony with us. I pray that what you shared will help someone who may be reading this. It may be just what they needed to hear from someone they can relate to…thanks for being open and honest with us…I am glad to hear that God is helping you overcome all this in your life. Stay close to God and know you are loved. Thanks.

  • ok, i think it is important to have inner beauty, just to a certain extent. you know. i mean, as christians, we can not let ourselves go… and say, well, this is what God wants. I think that it is important to try to be pretty. but when you start thinking about that more than you do God and you try to impress people, that is where it goes bad. and i loved the thing about the fragrance flower. that was REALLY good! oh, and you all should get a yahoo email just to get on yahoo answers. go to the religous spiritual section and answer some of the questions. there are some athiests out there, but i think that these people really need help. they need some good christian people to guide them towards the right direction. i hope you all will give it a try in your spare time! may god bless you all and may you find inner beauty over outer beauty!

  • Lucy Ann


    Thanks for your reply, good point about taking care of ourselves. We are commanded to take care of our temples, this is true. However, we are not to put our value in our outward appearance, but rather concentrate on the real YOU…that is the spirit person inside! Keep the faith, God loves you.

  • Yea i know how that feels because in the world today you are expected to look and dress a certin way and we forget the way God wants us to look and act…. on the inside but people(ME) still struggle with worring avout inner beauty… before a good friend helped me out I used to think of my self as fat and ugly but now i see my self the way God wants me to see myself as… a beautiful young lady wanting to live for him. Even though I know that i still struggle but God can help me through it and i intend to make it through him!

  • maddy berry

    yeh i really understand you girls. this website is so inspiring.

  • Lucy Ann

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep seeking the Lord and know how precious you all are in his sight!! Blessings

  • nicole

    I totally agree. Plus, we shouldn’t worry about guys because we should present ourselves as if we were going before God. Not as in like dresses but if God walked in your school would you be ashamed for Him to see you: wearing what you are dressed in, talking to who your talking to, saying what your saying, or anything!

  • Lucy Ann

    Nicole, I loved the comment you shared! That is an appropriate question for us to be asking ourselves all the time… thanks for sharing your thoughts! Blessings!!

  • Kristina


    though this is an old one, id still like to make a comment on what you said and how this has effected me. id like you to know that what you have said, has hit me hard, and now im going to try my best to act like i would if he did walk into my school, i want to thankyou for opening my eyes. —God Bless

  • Lucy Ann

    Thanks for taking the time to share, I am blessed to know that you can find support here… know that God loves you and you are special, and God is interested in creating a makeover…just for you…from the inside out! He loves you and I am praying for you. Blessings!

  • queen

    im 13 and actually ive already experienced giving my life to god. but my mom told since i was born god had his hand on me so ive always been shining. but once i was fille with the holy spirit and surrendered to jesus, everybody says there is somethin differrent bout meh but they just cant explain it….yeah yerr rite thou….lucyyy!!!!!!!!!! may god bless you along the way and cover in you in the blood where ever you go and thank god and you for your wisdom.

  • Melanie

    Im 14 and recently ive been getting really caught up with my looks not realising the other things God has to offer me ive been having a hard time at school with boys and the way i look and ive come to realise at the end of the day Jesus excepts me Jesus loves me Jesus thinks im beautiful and thats all that matters if all fails God will always be on my side i can guarantee dont let matreial things take over your life Your in Gods hands and once you and Gods relationship starts to blossom you’ll have the best feeling inside of you like how i’m feeling now my faith in God is 100% strong becaus God is 100% faithful he will never fail trust me when God is on your side all is well God bless x

  • Annie

    Thank you all for your encouragement. You’re right, what really matters is having an inside makeover done by Jesus. Hey Nokoshie, love the comment about the FLOWER.

  • Evie

    I love this one!! I hate that everyone is so wrapped up in their physical appearence. i used to be like that.. and as a result i lost a lot of my personality. i lost a chance to grow as a person because i was too busy trying to look good. Now, i’ve figured out that it truly is more important to be a real person on the inside than an attractive-looking person on the outside. i also realized that i dont want to attract people that are attracted to me because of my outward appearance. To me, it is more important that i make friends and hold relationships because people like me based on who i am as a person, the values i hold and the things i find important, rather than who likes the way i look or how i dress.

  • it matter’s what’s on the inside….
    god judges us by our hearts not by anything else and god say’s that look’s don’t matter he want’s you to get attention from your personality not how you look ladies..

  • Rachel,

    Do you think God would be angry at me for wearing make-up and pretty clothes? Because those are things that I LIKE to do, and I don’t feel that I HAVE to, I just love to do make-up and work on my hair, is that a sin? Is it a sin to just want to look your best? Of course I think it is great for a girl to be able to walk around without make-up and just confident in herself, but I found my outward appearence as a way of showing my inner personality, is that wrong? I straighten my hair and wear make-up and shop for nice clothes, but I don’t understand why that is treated as such a negative thing? Because I think God wouldn’t mind me doing things that I like to do? I am a girly girl, and I kind of wonder if me wanting to look my best for other people is necessairly a bad thing, isn’t it okay to want to make the most of God’s creation: me? I think that appearence is such an important part of today’s society that it is okay to be able to look your best? My clothes express who I am. It is possible to look your best or even look “sexy” and still love yourself and be loved by others for your personality…I think? Any thoughts?

  • Lucy Ann

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you bring up some good points to ponder. First off; remember God is looking at your heart, not your outward appearance. I do believe as Christian woman, it is our responsiblity to honor God by the way we dress. As far as make-up, hair styles, fashion clothing… those things in and of themselves are not bad. Looking “your best” and feeling good about that, are important, however, that should not become the means by which you find your identiy. How special you are, how loved you are, should always come from you position with Christ. As long as you are secure in that, you will dress appropriately. I agree, the way we dress is an extension of our personality, and that can be a good thing. When you talk about dressing “sexy” I take that to mean, you are dressing in a way particularly to get the attention of boys, perhaps forsaking modesty. If that is your intention in the particular outfit you choose to wear, that may be inappropriate. Always check your motives…. are you dressing a particular way just to express yourself, keeping in mind that you belong to Jesus, or are you dressing for attention? I think it is wonderful when girls develop a style of dress that is both expressive and becoming on them. Accssories is another way to be expressive with you wardrobe. The scriptures tell us to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul. If you are keeping this in mind, dressing appropriately will not be an issue. Keep your eyes on Jesus while you are expressing yourself through the clothes/make-up you wear…Blessings!

  • Sam

    Thanks girls for all of your comments and advice. It really does help when we realize other girls are going through the same things, tell themselves the same stupid stuff, so we can realize it is stupid. So, just thanks.

  • HorseLover

    I agree with all of you! God and Jesus should be the most important things in our lives! It does not matter what people think of you because you are just the way God wants you to be! Jesus loves you no matter what. And Girls, I am not saying that you don’t need to keep up on your hygene because that is important too!

  • Emma

    I totally agree with a lot of the comments that have been made here. I think, particularly in today’s world, that it’s important to take into consideration dreessing your best… but it shouldn’t be all that you concern yourself with. I know that personally, I have a lot of trouble keeping from conforming to the patterns of everybody else, but I know that God loves me that way I am. I don’t need to dress a certain way, put on certain make-up, style my hair a certain way, or act like any of the other people that don’t put God first to realize that.Thank you to all of the girls that have written and made comments here, because they’ve been very helpful.

  • Kaylee

    Gosh, Rachel and Lucy Ann said a lot and its so important to have your heart right with Jesus… then your dress will follow your heart! I love looking and feeling pretty and honestly what girl doesn’t. But it really is the inside that truly matters. Its Jesus that makes us pretty! I’m a girlie girl too… I love wearing make up and dressing pretty, but I know that these things are a sign of what is on the inside. I mean when I see other girls dressing where their breasts are showing, I know that these girls are just looking for love in all the wrong places. It really is sad and we need to try and help them. Gosh, I am a firm believer in helping other girls view themselves with the love of God, and I’m challenging every girl here to do the same.

  • This is really accurate. This blog is a constant source of inspiration for me and this post does NOT disappoint. I have to say, the pressure on teens is focused on girls. I cannot think of one, good explanation for this; there is simply a multitude of hypotheses. It breaks my heart that the internal beauty of girl is not recognized and celebrated. For me, I strive to be the best Christian I can but I get so caught up in the “looks” that I struggle. The depression really stinks. There is nothing like time spent with God to bring me back to my real self. But, as we journey out into the world, once again the demons of desire stick out their claws and we are sucked into the same detrimental ways. Really focusing on how we are, instead of how we look, will allow us to be better, happier, and more true Christians. Thank you for this post.

  • Lucy Ann


    Thanks for sharing…keep reading, keep sharing …that’s how we all grow and get stronger in the things of God. You all are loved and appreciated.

  • Katelyn Adair

    Wow!!1!! That is sooooooooo true!!! I haved to deal with that ALOT especially with all these artists!!!! Thats one of the biggest problems that i struggle with with is ♪MuSiC♪♬!!!!!does anybody have any advice?????? how to stay away and not get drawn into the world????? help!!!

  • Lucy Ann

    The way you stay strong and out of the things of the world, is to fix your heart and your mind on the things of God. Surround yourself with Godly friends, choose to participate in the things that bring glory to God. If music is an area of temptation for you, make a decision not to listen to such music, get rid of the temptation! God is on your side and the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Blessings!

  • This message is so true! I love the way God thinks and wants to help us. He is everlasting and forever faithful. I love him!

  • Moriah

    Amen. I am not what the world calls pretty, but I now know that God looks into the depth of my soul to see beauty. He doesn’t care about what chothes or shoes or hair style i have, just as long as I glorify Him daily with all that I do. Thank you, Jesus.

  • i am 13 and homeschooled. i am not what the world would call pretty, but i am happy with who i am. i think often we care to much about what other people, especially guys, will think when they look at us. i think someone that truly loves you will not care about your clothes, they will care about YOU!!! i mean the way you dress is important, but i think as long as it’s modest it’s okay. we need to care more about what’s INSIDE us not ON us. often i look up to people who aren’t physically beautiful, but spiritually beautiful. i think that is what matters. may god bless you all. you are beautiful:)

  • KaLynne

    This is so true! We need to focus on our joy of being a child of God instead of thinking about our outward appearance…

    God Bless All of you!!!

  • Sarah

    Wow!! This is my first time on this site and it is truly amazing! I have been bullied for a couple of years about my looks and weight….I have to admit im not the prettiest girl in school and not the skinniest….. I have had really low self esteem for these past years because of bullying…. It was getting to me so bad that I finally got into home schooling. I was reading this post and all the comments and I started crying! This is some pretty emotionalal and powerful stuff! I think we all just need to be reminded every once in a while that Gods opinion is the only one that matters, and he loves us no matter what we look like! I know God only cares about what is on the inside and so should we but what God thinks is pretty and what the world thinks is pretty are two very different things! It is really hard to focus on your inner beauty when everyone else is judging you for your outer beauty! It is really amazing that you guys have this little support group! It is a true blessing!

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