Hello, I am Pastor Lucy Ann, it is my desire to reach teenage girls with the love of Jesus. If you are a teenage girl or you are a woman who knows a teenage girl… you are in the right place. This is a safe place where we will discuss relevant challenges teenage girls face on a daily basis. Being a teenage girl today, in a world which is moving further and further away from God, is tough!

We need to unite to encourage and support one another. It is often difficult to find a place where you can talk about your struggles and not be judged. This is a  NO-JUDGEMENT ZONE!

My desire is to give you a platform to talk openly about your struggles as well as your victories. Together, with the power of the Holy Spirit,  we will find the answers you are searching for.

Here, at Girl Talk ~ Just For Girls, you will find encouraging, inspiring, and challenging articles to stimulate your thoughts on various topics. You will have an opportunity to leave a comment on each blog post. Don’t be shy to share, trust me, someone else is thinking the same thing as you…be brave, leave your comment, others will be glad you did. Let’s begin to have a conversation around those things that are important to YOU!

I am open to discuss whatever topic you would like. If there is something you want to talk about, leave me a note in the comment section and I will do my best to write about it in a future article.

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Your prayer requests are important to me as well, I have supplied a safe place for you to request prayer. No prayer is too small to bring before God. I would be honored to pray for you. Just fill out the prayer request form.

Glad you are part of the Girl Talk Community. YOU ARE AWESOME!



I grew up knowing God, but never understood about having a personal relationship with God until I became an adult. Consequently, I have a great desire to reach young people with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ.

I have been working with teenagers for over 20 years. I began meeting with teenagers on the streets surrounding the downtown movie theater in my hometown. On  Friday nights, groups of teenagers would gather around the movie theater and hang out. I would walk the streets with a friend and we would talk with the guys and girls. We talked about their day, what they were doing downtown, or perhaps what movie they were planning on seeing or not seeing…We would often order Pizza, or Fried Chicken and have it delivered to the street where we were hanging out. This was how we demonstrated God’s love in a tangible way to the guys & girls. Often they would ask a question or initiate a conversation about God. In those moments, we were able to share about His amazing love for them. We witnessed God changing hearts there on the downtown streets. I have had a passion to reach teenagers with God’s love ever since.

Girl Talk ~ Just for Girls was birth one night while praying for the teens. By the way, my friend, His name is Jordy, he is the developer of the Prayer For Youth website!

I am  the mother of two amazing children who are now grown and living their adventurous lives in New York City. I live in San Diego, California with my wonderful husband, Bryan.  I have the privilege of working with Bryan in ministry. Together we bring the life-transforming love of Jesus into the Military Prison here in San Diego.

I love exploring the outdoors. When I am not writing or preaching, you can usually find me at the beach surfing or on the back country roads riding my motorcycle.